About Graham Motors and Controls

Since 1935 Graham Motors and Controls™ has provided variable speed drive products to the global market place. The Ring-Roller mechanical variable speed drive can be found in operation today on six of the seven continents. Graham's engineering expertise has consistently provided mechanical and electronic motion control solutions for thousands of companies. As a leading supplier of motion control products, we offer a wide range of electronic DC Speed controls and DC Motors and Gear motors 3hp and below.

Graham Motors and Controls™ is privately owned and headquartered in El Paso. We are pleased to provide you with quality products, value driven engineering and unequaled excellence in customer satisfaction.

Graham Motors and Controls™ products offer reliable, cost effective solutions to the most demanding motion control applications. Some common examples include material handling, metering pumps, packaging machines, indexing-table drives, and food processing equipment.

We are proud to promote this extensive family of motion control products nationwide through a distribution network with over 500 locations.


  • Magnapak Series Motors with Controller and Operator Controls
  • Permanent Magnet Cycletrol® DC Motors
  • 600CH Series Permanent Magnet DC Motors

DC Motor Controllers

  • Vari Speed® R400 Speed and Torque Controllers for 1/4 to 2 Horsepower (HP) DC Motors
  • Vari Speed® S1000 High-Performance DC Motor Speed Controllers
  • Vari Speed® A2000 DC Motor Speed Controllers
  • Cycletrol® Series DC Adjustable Speed Controllers

Customized Motors

  • Graham Motors and Controls™ offers a variety of custom built motors.
  • The 3200 Series and the S600 Special Series have a 48C frame body with a 56C frame shaft.