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Cycletrol® C2000 DC Adjustable Speed Controllers

Product Details

Graham's Motors and Controls Cycletrol® Series DC adjustable speed controls provide rapid cycling capabilities, while offering higher reliability and lower maintenance compared to clutch/brake mechanisms. The Cycletrol Series consists of two product lines, the 150 Series rated for up to 60 cycles/minute and the C2000 rated for up to 30 cycles/minute.

Common Features:
  • All Cycletrol digital logic inputs are optically isolated
  • Versatile logic allows direct interfacing with switches and push-buttons or solid state devices
  • LED function lights are easy-to-see indicators of control status
  • Transient protection by voltage clamping MOV's and RC networks protect power components against power spikes
  • Torque limiting by the Cycletrol's adjustable current limit provides motor and drive train protection in the event of machine overloads or jams
  • Heavy-duty aluminum chassis or NEMA 12 enclosures

    • The Cycltrol C200 Serie DC drive provides rapid cycling up to 30 cpm. The C200 serves as an accurate speed and cycling conotrol and is coverred by our two-year warranty.

      • - Econimical alternative for lighter duty cycling applications
      • Wide speed range with full torque available sodwn to 60 rpm

Name Chassis - 120V 1Ø Chassis- 240V 1Ø NEMA 12 -120V 1Ø NEMA 12- 240V 1Ø
176B3001 Up to 1/2 HP - - -
176B3002 - - Up to 1/2 HP -
176B3003 Up to 1 HP - - -
176B3004 - - Up to 1 HP -
176B3005 - Up to 1/2 HP - -
176B3006 - - - Up to 1/2 HP
176B3007 - Up to 1 HP - -
176B3008 - - - Up to 1 HP